Fall bulb planting brings spring flowers

As many of you know, my gardening obsession started during the lockdown. When when we could not fly, and travel to Europe came to an end, I took to the garden! During the fall of 2020, I wanted to plant lots of bulbs. Tulips are my favorite flower. They are so crisp and cheerful. Bulbs are also the first sign of life in Maine after our long winters we are craving flowers!

We have a big squirrel problem, our squirrels are big, and there are many of them. I wanted my spring flower display to wow me. I decided to create chicken-wire cages for my bulbs. It is so easy and effective! You can also create designs with your bulbs; next year, I am going to get creative!!!

Here are the steps to successful bulb displays.

  1. The tools you need to make a bulb cage are a roll of chicken wire, six-inch zip ties, and a pair of wire clippers. The first step is to cut your shape. I wanted a square 12x16 base. I bent up the edges on three sides and then created a lid to cover the 12x16 bottom.

2. Face the tip of the bulb up through the chicken wire and the roots through the bottom. Add 3-5 zip ties to each row of bulbs to keep them in place.

3. Once you have filled your cage with the desired number of bulbs, use wire to attach the top to the base. Often the chicken wire can wrap around the bottom, which is enough to keep the bulbs in place.

4. Here are the results of my bulb cages. I am so pleased with the results! This was my test year, I will be thinking about my layout for next year. I think I try to make a formal knot garden of bulbs. I am excited to play with ideas.

I love seeing life in the garden! Now I need to tackle my firepit area design. I have no less than 50 drawings. I need to narrow down the ideas and plan for this project. I am hosting a bridal shower in June and I have a lot to do!

What projects are you tackling this year? Do you have any advice to share with me? I would appreciate any tips, tricks and wisdom you care to give me.

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Last thought "Almost every person, from childhood, has been touched by the untamed beauty of wildflowers." Lady Bird Johnson