Five Elements to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

  1. Lighting add wonderful lighting fixtures and candlelight to create the vibe you are going for. Below we strung café lights and solar lanterns over the deck at this wedding.

Below you can see how much of an impact lighting makes as night falls.

2. Soft seating, I love to bring lounge furniture into wedding décor. It adds sophistication and comfort.

A. This wedding had a Boho-chic style we brought in oriental rugs, sofas, chairs, coffee tables and much more!

B. For this wedding we keep the furnishing sleek and modern.

3. Flowers and plants do more than you think to set the tone for an event.

Plants are great filler for weddings, they can hide wires, or lead you to restrooms, or flank an entrance.

4. Your tablescape design is tells a story. What are you telling your guests?

Below we have a fun combination of rattan charger and silver with texture and elegant china and stemware.

I love this one it was a small pandemic elopement. We used antique silver, the brides great-grandparents plates, and heirloom linens. So beautiful and meaningful.

5. Chairs...yes chairs, using a nice looking comfortable dinning chair is a gift to your guests. You can go with the budget friendly folding chair but if you can splurge it is worth it!

These cross-back chairs are very comfortable and they add a very nice touch to an event.

I also love these metal chairs, they let your guests know you are not fussy, and you like to have fun!

These five elements are the difference between average and unforgettable weddings. If you are planning a wedding and want my help or advice please reach out to me or book a consultation. I can guide you through your choices!

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Photos by Darling Photography & The Libbys Photo and Films

Special thanks: Leavitt & Parris Tents, Griffin & Griffin Lighting, and my amazing brides & grooms.