Holiday Wedding Photo Shoot

Thank you, Darling Photography, for asking me to style this incredible holiday wedding photoshoot. There were so many beautiful elements.

I am obsessed with this photo of my hanging candles reflecting in the mirror. The mantel candles and flowers were also stunning, and the bouquet not only looked lovely it was also subtly fragrant.

Jen Mejia of Darling Photography is a true professional. She teaches workshops, runs mastermind groups that travel the world, and photographs weddings! She is known for her floral shoe portraits and detail shots. I genuinely admire her style.

The colors in this shoot were so intoxicating. I am not generally attracted to jewel tones, but these worked beautifully together.

This was one of my favorite tablescapes to design. Rich in both color and texture, the orchids pop and the hydrangeas with a royal blue edge and center were gorgeous and drew your eye to the antique plates. The flowers were costly, and I feel as if you can see that in the photos.

This close-up of the mantel really highlights the orchids...OMG aren't they amazing?

I hope you have enjoyed this peak at my holiday wedding details!

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it!