Jumpstart your January

I love this time of year. There is nothing better than reminding yourself that you have GOALS!

This year I plan on painting rooms that need painting, redesigning my garden, taking classes to keep my mind sharp, cooking to comfort my family, and enjoying life & having fun!

Fabulous project #1 wallpaper my 1st-floor bathroom/laundry room. I love these barn doors for the laundry area. This process might be time-consuming because I have to strip the existing wallpaper, repair the walls, prime & size the walls, prime & paint the trim & doors. Yes, folks, this is not a little project!!!

I love to cook, and I am already sober so rather than dry January I am doing vegetarian January!

As always flowers & plants are a huge part of my January. Bulbs are currently being planted stay tuned for updates!

I plan on making daily meditation a larger part of my day 🥰 l love arranging my meditation area with plants & candles, it is so much fun!

I am optimistic about the future. I believe in the power of attraction! I am attaching money, beauty, friends, family & health into my life this year.

My sweet pup is with me cheering me on!

Happy New Year!!!!

Let's get started on our Journey! I hope you are all well. Are you planning to learn a new skill, travel to an unexpected place, find a mate, start a business, or get/start a new job this year?

Let me know what you are doing? Comment or like the post if it resonates with you!