Warm & Cool Tones

This wedding was my favorite of 2021. The bride is a good friend's daughter. She grew up across the street from me. She has grown into the most beautiful person. It was such a pleasure to work on this wedding.

I am using this wedding to highlight colors. Her color choices were stunningly beautiful. She selected a warm rusty orange, and soft blushes, and purples.

As you can see orange is the opposite of blue, and yellow is the opposite of purple. So the colors react to each other. So purple & orange are natural companions.

The blush softens the opposing colors 💕.

Saturated colors read so well in a bouquet. They allow your eye to rest as it registers the bolder colors.

Most of the florals are neutral. To create depth we use greens, and several sizes and shapes of roses. The warmth of the rusty roses and cooler purples are knit together with the creams and blush tones.

This was such a lovely wedding. The photos by Someplacewild.com are incredible!!! I hope you enjoyed seeing these gorgeous pictures 💕.

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I am looking forward to next season’s weddings!