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What is your January Refresh?

What? Am I alone? Most people reset their exercise and diet routine in the new year, but I prefer to look at my house and gift myself a refresher somewhere. My bedroom is my cozy spot and refuge from the long dark winter; I spend hours in bed in the winter sketching out, planning, and purchasing seeds for my garden. I want the room to reflect me more, it is a bit sterile now. I have always loved Indian Block Print designs; I used to be obsessed with block print shirts. They were all the rage in the early 1980s. I have never grown out of my love for this style. I have decided to embrace this casual vibe in soft and neutral colors.

This year I plan to wallpaper my bedroom and bathroom, make valances, paint my fireplace & closet doors and repaint the trim. This should take me about 2-3 weeks to complete. I am likely going to regret wallpapering all of these spaces myself. I am not a pleasant person when wallpapering, so my family will have to work in person during this refresh. On second thought, I might hire someone and save my sanity!

What are you refreshing in 2023? As a creative person I choose to focus on my home and design goals as the new year approaches. These are the goals I am most likely to achieve! How about you? What are you hoping to change in the new year? I am taking a few classes this winter. Landscaping class, a painting course & photo styling. Watch out world I will be creating all winter...stay tuned for photos.

Thank you so much for popping by! Happy Holidays and Cheers to a creative New Year!!!!!




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